Code of Conduct

Driver and Company Code of Conduct

Vaal Maseru is committed to promoting the highest standards of driver safety. Our goal is to eliminate all avoidable road accidents involving Vaal Maseru Drivers who drive our Coaches for the purpose of transporting passengers on all routes. Our concern extends also to all other Company Employees traveling in Company vehicles on authorized trips, and to other road users whose safety depends upon the way each of us behaves when in charge of a vehicle. Vaal Maseru expects from all drivers of Company vehicles to do all within their power-to protect their own safety, that of our passengers and of all other road users, and to act as responsible custodians of the vehicles in their charge.

Every driver of a Company vehicle has a responsibility to ensure that he/she is FIT for driving, FIT meaning the following:

  • The vehicle is driven at all times within the requirements of all Vaal Maseru Policies & Procedures, the Road Traffic Act and Regulations, or equivalent legislation in neighboring countries, and within the limits of the road, weather, vehicle and other traffic conditions and the driver’s own ability and physical condition, following defensive driving principles.
  • All occupants of the vehicle wear seat belts at all times.
  • The Company vehicle is never driven by anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, or any other intoxicating substance.
  • The vehicle is driven at the legal or Company prescribed speed limit at all times.
  • Company employees only drive the vehicle or allow other drivers to drive vehicles, if specifically authorized to do so.
  • Only authorized passengers are carried in company’s vehicles.
  • No unauthorized use of Vaal Maseru vehicles
  • Vehicles are used only for the purpose which they are intended.
  • The vehicle is in roadworthy condition before any journey and has proper Insurance cover.
  • Only “hands-free” cellular telephones are used while driving a company vehicle.
  • Safety precautions are observed during vehicle fueling operations, e.g. engine and Electrical devices switched off, no smoking, and no use of cellular telephones.
  • Pre-Trip vehicle checks (Briefing) are carried out, prior and after each and every trip.

A driver’s manager or supervisor has a responsibility to ensure that:

  • Recorded in-vehicle driver appraisals as well as relevant disciplinary steps are conducted on all drivers of company vehicles regarding their handling of Vaal Maseru vehicles.
  • All accidents and incidents are investigated and reported.
  • After any accident and inquiry, follow-up actions will take place between the company, driver and manager to ensure that steps are taken to prevent recurrence.

The company has a responsibility to ensure that:

  • Each Depot Manager identifies and appoints a qualified person to have responsibility for the management of all vehicles & passenger vehicles’, driver safety and risk management for that Depot.
  • Training and retraining in defensive driving practices and skills is provided as part of an ongoing program.
  • Drivers of passenger vehicles and light delivery vehicles undergo medical examinations and vision testing on employment and annually thereafter.
  • Vehicles are at all times maintained and repaired to safety standards laid down by the law.

Contact Numbers:

Rustenburg - 014 534 0593/4/5
Klerksdorp - 018 462 1000
Dordrecht - 045 943 1031
Komatipoort - 013 793 7257
Maputo - 00258 2801 6060

Hotline Number:

Please report any crime and corruption
on the following hotline number:
082 459 7670
All information will be treated
as confidential.

Essential Information

All QUERIES or COMPLAINTS, can be issued
to our Head office by phoning
014 534 0593/4/5,
or emailing