Health and Safety

Vaal Maseru's Health and Safety Objective

It is the objective of Vaal Maseru to establish and maintain a safe working environment in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 85 of 1993, using hazard identification, risk management and communication strategies, so as to prevent personal injury, ill health or property damage, and to safeguard the environment.

Identify, analyze, mitigate and control or reduce risks in the workplace. Taking full account of health, safety and environmental considerations in all planning, decision making and execution of processes.

Vaal Maseru support research and development on Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental issues. We encourage worker participation in the management and performance of business issues and to face challenges regarding problem solving in our organization.

We encourage workers to ensure the safe use, handling, storage, disposal and transportation of equipment, substances and waste.

We provide the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision in order to enable all employees to identify hazards and risks and contribute positively towards occupational health, safety and environmental risk management at work.

We ensure that appropriate safety instructions, advice and guidance are given to contractors and visitors to our premises. We all strive to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. Every employee is responsible for carrying out his work in a safe and healthy manner for the well-being of himself as well as his/her fellow workers and clients.

Copies of Vaal Maseru’s health and safety policies has been made available to all our employees and is displayed at all necessary locations.

Relevant health and safety documen- tation will be made available to all relevant and interested parties

Contact Numbers:

Rustenburg - 014 534 0593/4/5
Klerksdorp - 018 462 1000
Dordrecht - 045 943 1031
Komatipoort - 013 793 7257
Maputo - 00258 2801 6060

Hotline Number:

Please report any crime and corruption
on the following hotline number:
082 459 7670
All information will be treated
as confidential.

Essential Information

All QUERIES or COMPLAINTS, can be issued
to our Head office by phoning
014 534 0593/4/5,
or emailing